Sunday, May 5, 2013

Makeover Mavens

 Wynne decided on a "Spa Party" for her 7th birthday.  She helped me make a butterfly cake.  (Because butterflies are part of the whole spa/relaxation experience, right?  Work with us here.)
 Kate & Sara, our Sunday School buddies, and Aubrey, a school friend, joined us on April 20th for the Spa Party of the Century.  After unplanned "play time" (what is that? do we really let kids just PLAY anymore?), we had a fun lunch.
 Big brother crashed the party for some cake. ( I think he ate the rest of the cake by early evening.)
 Ally was the ultra-helpful party planner.  She figured out what spa-type activities the girls could do, put together a shopping list and helped get little items for the shindig, designed the flip-flops, and did their "pedicures".  She did an awesome job!!  Thanks, big sister!!
Dollar store flip-flops and ribbon from the craft bin = $4 of fun!
Paige helped with the "manicures"...

I don't think there's a room in our house that doesn't have fingernail polish spilled somewhere.  (Not just from this party, either!)
 Ally taught the girls a quick-dry tip:  dip your newly painted fingers in icy cold water!  Brrrrrr!
Ally made 4 different flavors of lip gloss (researched on  her new favorite site, Pinterest).  Made with Kool-aid packets, vaseline, and coconut oil.  They smelled and looked wonderful!  And I tried the strawberry; works great!
Wynne and Aubrey relax with their facials.  After all, a seven-year-old has sooo much stress in her life.

Last but not least, tree swinging and climbing.  Fresh air is the best makeover ingredient there is!  


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