Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Congratulations, Nick!

Okay, these high school graduations are getting a little too close for comfort...this time it's "Nis-luss" (remember that, Kaycie?) my birthday buddy!!
A very cool photo display of the graduate's childhood and school achievements.....
 It was nice to see family, if only for a short time...
 ...and of course if you're at the Tashner's house, there will be a basketball game going on.  Cousins and neighbors galore!

 Why do our nieces and nephews have to keep growing up?  Once they hit college, it's like they turn into grown-ups overnight.  I have a sneaking suspicion that is going to happen to our own kids, too..
 I wish they could all stay this age.  And freeze my age, too, while you're at it, okay God?


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