Tuesday, June 7, 2011

End of School Year Bash

The last day of school was a half-day, so I let the kids bring home friends for the afternoon.  Wynne & Sydney (far upper right) celebrated the end of 4K, while Lexie (in black), Brooklyn and Melody joined Shae & Paige in saying "good-bye" to second grade!
Ally just couldn't choose between all of her friends, so she had four girls over.  As night fell, the big girls and the little girls joined our feathered girls in the chicken coop!
Big event on our "farmette":  the chickens are laying!  the chickens are laying!  They are only about 18 weeks old, but just as my research on Red Stars said, they are early layers.  Way to go girrrrrrrrlllls!!
Andraya & Brooke with a couple of the girrrrrlls
Amidst the chaos of 15 girls and boys running around the place, I enjoy talking with the kids one-on-one when I get a chance.  Alyssa loves animals and wants an occupation working with them someday.  I think every single one of our chickens has a name now, by the way.  Marshmallow, Stalker, Black Knight, and Spaz are the only ones I can remember right now!
We are only getting one or two eggs a day, but that is still very good for pullets born in January.  Somebody in the henhouse is an overachiever because we've even had a couple  of double-yolkers!  Lexie and the other girls gave 'em a good work-out the other night.  (Egg production will probably drop for a few days now;)

It was too darn hot for a fire, but Dad got one going as promised the kids.  Here is their not-so-safe-but-oh-so-fun burning of the sticks while prancing around in the dark, writing flamed words in the sky.
Brooke, Alyssa, Jacy, Shae & Ally in foreground
Ally and Cy's friends got to stay overnight.  Saturday was another hot one, so we tried out the slip-n-slide but it just wasn't working great.  Our huge barn plastic one wasn't cooperating in the wind, so the kids worked to get this one going.  Just too narrow and not enough water pressure.

Alex and Will joined Cy in playing Legos, building a fort in the pasture woods, and getting super WET!!

They weren't supposed to bring out the indoor slide, but I can't watch everything all of the time!!  I was too busy feeding all these people.  They mowed through six dozen cookies, a pan of brownies, six frozen pizzas, 2 bags of chips, 2 packages of Oreos, 6 quarts of lemonade, a big batch of popcorn, grapes, watermelon, and I forget-what-else. There goes our week's groceries!!  I couldn't get over how much the kids ate.

Cy & Will

I guess they all had fun because they stayed about 6 hours past the pre-selected end time.  By then Mark had finished cutting the grass and I was ready to collapse in a heap.  But it's worth it for the kids; they had a great school year, each of them, and they deserved it!

And when Esau lifted up his eyes and saw the women and children, he said, “Who are these with you?” Jacob said, “The children whom God has graciously given your servant.”--Genesis 33:5 ESV


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