Thursday, June 2, 2011

Patrons of the Arts

Welcome to our Art Gallery! 
The kids (mainly Paige, Shae, and Wynne) put their school year art work on display for the family who visited this past weekend.  Their school art show is always a fabulous collection of children's creativity!  The art teacher does a great job of using a variety of media with the kids.  We added some of their home projects, the fairy wand that Ally made for Wynne's birthday party (on the table).  My personal favorites in the above picture are Wynne's swimming at the Dells (cookie cutter figure on blue tissue paper on the black display board), Shae's rabbit drawing (window), and Cy's Clay Matthews (below the bunny).
Paige's rocket ship and Cy's rainbow fish stand out to me in this next photo...

 while the acoustic guitars (with yarn strings) and butterfly batik are my favorites in this display.  Plus the alien guy clipped to the easel.  Really, there are so many good pieces.
 Shae picked out one of my pennant banners and they hung more whimsical creations to it.  Paige gave Grandpa E. one of the green-and-gold "Packer fish" from the mobile for his birthday! 
Unfortunately, Ally's artwork wasn't sent home till yesterday, so we didn't have much of her work to display.  We did put up her rabbit hutch design, however.  She did some very impressive chalk drawings of her friends, a desert canyon landscape, as well as pencil sketches of food and dolphins.  More photos will have to come later!

God made us a creative people, kinda like him;)


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