Tuesday, May 31, 2011

After the Rain

Several of Mark's family came over on Sunday to enjoy the extended weekend together.  After the rain, there were several games of croquet.  Ally and Shae joined the grown-ups and hopefully did not learn how to be vindictive like their dad/uncles!
 Word to the wise: don't wear flip-flops when you're playing croquet!  (Unless you don't plan on sending anyone into next week.)
Whenever Siegert boys get together, there's a competition.  Spectators pull up a chair!
 Shae went out and played croquet first-thing the next morning, too!
 Even though it started out chilly and rainy, the afternoon and evening were warm and comfortable. 
 It was also cousin Brooke's birthday, with big sister Taylor turning 16 in just a few days as well!
 After eating all day long (literally grazing), the kids still managed to find room for roasted marshmallows.  By this time, my stomach was so full the very thought of more food made me nauseous!
 Mark built a great campfire, bringing out dry wood scraps from the garage.  You can't let a little rain stop the party!


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