Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The County B Circus!

Ladies & Gentlemen!  Boys & Girls!  Step right up and watch the show!  Introducing the One...the Only...Wynne the Magnificent!
Lion taming
The pretend center at preschool was a circus two weeks ago, and Wynne really got into it.  She hearkened back to our family's visit last June to Circus World Museum and turned herself into a tight rope walker/contortionist/animal tamer/all-purpose circus performer.  I played a few circus ditties from Youtube, and we were in business!
I took the role of ringleader (along with providing all other sound effects--crowd applause, drum rolls etc.) as our Daring and Talented Performer stood high atop the head of Annie the Elephant (the slide).  Wynne giggled nervously as she stood up there on one foot for a while, then crouched and lay back on Annie's forehead! 
All good circus performers have to wear fancy tights.
Then we oohed & aaahed as Wynne the Magnificent slid down Annie's trunk and landed on her feet, beaming and bowing!  Next up, our Daring and Talented Performer climbed onto the back of one racehorse and jumped to another horse running right beside her!  Precarious indeed!
If you think THAT was scary, just wait!  There's more!  Ladies & gentlemen, I encourage you to look high up into the rafters of the Big Top, where Wynne the Magnificent will attempt to walk forwards and backwards across the tight rope!  Silence, please....this calls for concentration.

That is one crazy, curvy tight rope!

She made it!  Whew!
Wynne sings "Entry of the Gladiators" as she twirls the baton...
...and last but certainly not least, scarf juggling!  Ta-da!!!
Bravo!  Bravo!
This calls for an Encore Presentation when Big Brother & Sisters get home from school....and then an Encore of the Encore for Daddy, too!

Shout for joy to the LORD, all the earth. Worship the Lord with gladness; come before him with joyful songs.--Psalm 100:1-2


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