Friday, June 3, 2011

Apples That Didn't Fall Far From the Tree

Today is the last day of school, so I'm going to take a few minutes to reflect on the school year (then get the heck going with yardwork because the kids will be home with friends in 3 short hours!!).  Today I'm giving a shout-out to our twin chickens Paige and Shae!  They have grown up so very much this year in 2nd grade!!  And, like their mother, they love to write, express their emotions, and sing :)
Shae and Paige's teacher also had them in first grade, and they have really benefitted from her passion for teaching.  Thanks, Mrs. U!  You do excellent work!  You give Wisconsin Teachers a Great Name!!

Sometimes, middle kids get slightly ignored.  I will admit that.  As a parent, I tend to react the strongest to whatever is happening with my oldest (all the social and emotional goings-on of an adolescent, plus the increased school & sports activities)...and then I tend to react most tenderly to my youngest (aw, isn't she's the last time I'll get to see my baby do this or that...)  So Cy and the twins get the shaft sometimes.  I have to admit it.  It's not what I intend to do, nor does it mean that I love them any just...happens.

So today let me say to Paige and Shae (and Cy, I promise your post is coming soon!)...I LOVE YOU and I AM PROUD OF YOU.    You are sweet, funloving and energetic young ladies.  You are growing up so tall and smart, I can't hardly keep up.  You are already EIGHT and I feel like I want you to be eight forever.  You share so many neat insights, observations, and personal feelings with me and I love to be part of that.  I do not love your whining and arguing (as you know), but I am really amazed at how smart you are.  You both read and write so well, and you're getting better and better at math, too.  You remember such interesting things about your science and social studies lessons, too...and my favorite part of your learning is what you learn about being a follower of Jesus.  When you make Bible applications to your life, I am so proud because to me, that is the most important thing you can ever learn.  How to be like Jesus, how to live like him and treat people!  Never forget that, okay?  It all boils down to LOVE :) 

Paige is quite the creative writer.  Along with being very verbally expressive, she is equally expressive on the paper.  Lots of emotion.  Here is just a small sample of her writing this year in second grade.

Paige  -My Cartooning A-Z Journal
W is for Wind.

This wind is big! Because look at this guy. He can ardly move! Oh! And look at the picture, were is his hat? Look it’s in the wind! I sure looks hard walk in the wind. Poor guy his hat fell of! But I would help him but I’m the author and the illustrator. So why should I help this guy. I’m the one that made him! So he should do something for me! This guy doesn’t understand that I made him! He didn’t make me! Well he did nothing for me. And he’s just a picture. I can’t just earase a drawing. Oh and now he wants me to read this story to the class. Well I’ll do that but he still didn’t do anthing for me. But I did put in the wind. And it sure is big wind.

Shae also can write some fun stuff.  She is more straight-forward in her writing and sticks to 2nd-person narrative, but the way that she used our family members in her western characters really impressed me.  (I know, I'm kind of partial ;)  If you know Shae and the dynamics between her and her brother, you can see why she made Cy the "bad guy"!  (Writing can be healthy therapy!)
Shae 3/9/11

Once upon a time there was a little town. Someone came to town her name was Shae. They needed a new sheriff. She asked for a glass of root beer. But Dad thought that she said she wanted to be sheriff. They put a badge on her. (Wait!) She said but they did not listen. Now she was Sheriff Shae. Then Cy came! (He was the bad guy.) Paige said Cy is coming! Sheriff Shae asked, “Who is Cy?

Paige said you don’t know who Cy is. (The town was named Bucktosi) They said Cy is the meanest guy here. Before you were here he was sheriff then we kicked him of of being sheriff because he was a bad sheriff. But now you are here hurray! He walked in here they all said. Wynnie hid with Mom. Wynnie said I’m scared! But I just stood there. Right before I could do anything Cy wiped me out of the bar. All the people in Bucktosi said get him! Then I tripped him he fell to the ground then they put a stone of Sheriff Shae. And cy never hurt any soul again. The End

Girls, I can't wait to do more writing and talking with you.  And we're still on for the girl gospel quartet, right?  Oh the places we'll go.......
Give instruction to a wise man and he will be still wiser, Teach a righteous man and he will increase his learning.--Proverbs 9:9 NASB


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