Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Freedom is Not Free

Lancaster had a beautiful Memorial Day service in Memorial Park yesterday.  The middle and high school bands sounded fabulous, so majestic!

 Veterans young, middle-aged...
 ...and old were on hand to observe the holiday.  Some shared their memories, vivid and painful.  A neat part of the service was when people came up to the microphone to name their loved ones who have served in past and present wars/conflicts.  I thought of my uncles Donnie, Bub, Dwane, and Jupe (Clarice Jr.) Myers and Erv, Paul, & Cal Engelke...all served in World War II.  My husband's grandfather Jim (Air Force) and father (Navy Seabee, Vietnam)...my nephew Stuart (National Guard, Iraq 2003-04). 
 Aside from the cook-outs and outdoor games, we need to take time to remember why we have the day "off".  Sacrifices were made and are continuing to be made for our country, minute by minute!
God bless America! Thank you to all who have served and to their families!

Greater love hath no man than to lay down his life for his friends.--John 15:13


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