Thursday, August 5, 2010

Wet and Wild

Welcome to this year's edition of Siegert Family Fun Week!

The first week in August is the ONLY week in the summer where Mark does not have to go in and work at school, there are no ball games or practices to run anybody to, and we can just kick back and relax. We are so grateful to some friends in town who loaned us their park trailer for a few days to enjoy the Wisconsin Dells area. Thank you thank you THANK YOU!!!

I am not a huge waterpark fan, so imagine my delight when I saw that the clubhouse and pool was just seconds away from our site!

There was even a baby pool. Wynne enjoyed this spot, but not for long.... Day 2, she was jumping in the 3-foot end of the big pool with no hesitation! She is definitely the bravest of our children at that age. (I know we're not supposed to compare, but it's something Mark and I couldn't help but notice!)

Shae and Paige did a terrific job in the pool. They've made such an improvement over a month ago when they started their 3rd year of swimming lessons. Shae must have jumped in a gazillion times!

Paige proudly showed off her front crawl. The twins only used the noodles when jumping into the 9-foot water. The DEEP end!! They did a great job of swimming over there, not scared at all. That is a major improvement over last year!

True to form, Cy is not a "finesse" swimmer...but he gets the job done. I was so proud of how he and Ally took to the deep end like it was their natural habitat.

You may recall that our son has a huge hole in his left eardrum, the result of some recurrent ear infections at a younger age. The first surgery to repair it (tympanoplasty) did not "take", so Cy is extra-vigilant about keeping those ear plugs in. Doesn't slow him down, though!

Being the true competitor that she is, Ally spent a lot of time diving and beating her dad at getting the diving sticks. I am again, amazed at her athleticism. It was fun watching her do the side stroke, breast stroke, and butterfly. Ally's a really good swimmer! (I get tired just crawling the width of the pool on the 4-foot side!)

At the risk of my husband posting pics of me, I will forego the pics of him swimming with the kids. Let it be known that I am a fair-minded individual.

After I swim out of some laundry loads, I'll post more about our trip!

My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.--Exodus 33:14


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