Monday, October 5, 2009

Three Things That Make My Life Easier

I need to remind myself to be grateful. Our family devotions for this week include this awesome sharing from Casey Kinsolving: Complaining often characterizes the self-centered life. The God-centered life is one of contentment and thanksgiving in all circumstances.

How true. When I complain, all of my energy and attention is focused on ME and WHAT I WANT or WHAT I DON'T HAVE. How self-centered can you get? Casey goes on to say,
If you want to do God's will, start by giving thanks in all situations. If you develop a mindset of gratitude, your outlook on life will change dramatically.

Now there is more to the devotion than this--Casey goes onto talk about giving thanks in all circumstances, including those painful or troubling ones and how it relates to our faith in what Jesus did for us. But I am going to just start out simply and concentrate on developing my "attitude of gratitude". This week I'm starting out with "3 Things That Make My Life Easier". Nothing earth-shattering or profound here, just simple everyday things that I'm so happy to have. I am grateful for these things...

My "new" rubber boots! I have been wanting chore boots for a few years now. I am too cheap to pay for new ones and never could find anything at the Thrift Shop or yard sales that fit. I used to wear boots like this all of the time when I was milking cows back home, but those boots are long gone (and most likely, too small now that I've had a few kids). I have winter boots, but they're too hot for summer/fall/spring. So now I can go down and feed the animals in DRY style. Wynne's got a pair just like Mommy's! Thanks to my mom and dad for letting me help clean their basement this past weekend :)

Ricola cough drops. They taste great and YET are still effective at soothing a sore throat. Much-needed during this cold, wet football games. GO CHIEFTAINS!!!

This large carry-all thing. I re-discovered it in the basement last week and used it to haul stuff to school for Christian Kids Club. I can fit 12 Bibles, the lesson books, music CDs, CD player, and miscellaneous craft supplies in there. Woohoo!!

Simple things that make my life easier. I could go deeper but I tend to get wordy and overly analytical/philosophical (as you may have noticed already)!

1 Thess. 5:18


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