Thursday, October 1, 2009

Gourd World

The kids have had a wonderful time harvesting pumpkins (the ones not eaten by Potosi and Chieftain) and gourds. Lots and lots of gourds. We didn't plant the gourds, they just volunteered. Round, oblong, star-shaped, hook-shaped, green, orange, yellow, cream, smooth, bumpy--it's a lesson in adjectives!

These look like little watermelons, don't they? I am botany-impaired though, so I don't know anything for sure.

A few weeks ago we were learning about "green" and "jungles" for Wynne's preschool (our little home experiment this school year). Behind the gourds on the fence you can see my pathetic attempt at a garden this year. Gee, I guess you actually really DO have to weed a garden! And maybe walk down there more than twice a week! But if I may put a positive spin on things, it was a wonderful Raccoon Feeding Ground.

I tell you, God has a sense of humor. The stuff we planted in the garden, inside the garden fences, did not produce much. But look what happens OUTSIDE of the garden!

Tosi and Chief were in jail for one week after eating the pumpkins. Too bad, fellas!!

This is one of my favorite spots in late summer/early fall. I just love how the vine grows around our front porch. The kids had a ball on Sunday embellishing my fall decorations. ('See how they hooked gourds on the lattice/vine? Clever children.)

They went a little overboard. They put gourds in darn near every nook and cranny of our yard (should I say "acreage"). Ally said, "We're like the Easter Bunny, only with gourds!" And one of the twins called it Gourd World. Daddy and I call it Clean-it-up-before-we-have-gourds-growing-everywhere-world.

And yet, doesn't it look lovely, especially with the toilet paper remnant backdrop?

And God saw all that He had made, and it was very good.--Genesis 1:31


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