Monday, September 28, 2009

Not the Nurturing Type

Slacker Mom is back in full force. Let's see, we're about 4 weeks into the school year and I'm already feeling overwhelmed. It seems like somebody is sick and home from school about every other day here, and the G word creeps into my mind and in, "Aren't I keeping the house clean enough? Am I feeding the kids enough fruits and vegetables to ward off infections? Are they washing their hands enough? Should I be disinfecting the light switches, door knobs, and toothbrushes?"

Then, of course, it's my turn to get sick. Not sure what is going on, but 4 days into it I begged for mercy and amoxycillin. Ally, Shae, and I are all on it. We might as well have a big pink pump dispenser in our fridge. (Okay; I take the pills, but the liquid form is smiley-good, even when your throat is on fire.)

But guess what? Homecoming Week must go on! Without our school spirit? I think not! I muster up enough strength to lug the old broken playdome down out of the shed rafters and down the driveway. Wynne is ever-eager to help. At night the kids come home and help make a large dice cube and cover up some feed buckets. It's a board game theme "Game On" and by golly, this Coach's Wife/Spirit Mom is going to show our family's school spirit!! Cy said, "It doesn't look anything like the Trouble game, Mom," but we girls are proud.

Every bedtime last week seemed like it couldn't come soon enough. Sick kids, sick mom, and then some kids who couldn't get to sleep because they were planning a secret ambush on the toilet papering parties that hit our house all week. Sunday, Monday, Friday--ah yes, Hurricane Charmin hit once again. Coach's house gets hit every year; we never have a reprieve. The white streamers are rather pretty in the wind...

...but then the morning dew or rain comes and it's all one big ugly mess.

Yes, while many of you were doing something productive this weekend, or enjoying the fall weather, the sickies and I (who stayed home from a scouting trip/football game) were cleaning up soggy toilet paper. I'm such a slave driver. But hey, I waited till the sun came out and the TP had dried sufficiently. So I'm not all that mean. However, I was reminded of my Non-Nurturing Tendencies when Shae fell off of a chair and hit her head and started crying. I told Wynne to go get her an ice pack, while I looked at her (I was typing up a paper for a class I'm taking) and said, "Well what do you expect when you're dancing around on a chair? That's why you're supposed to sit in them, not stand on them!" Okay, I am pretty mean. (Or sick and tired. Take your pick.)

After a good cry and some icy love, Shae perked up and joined us for our outdoor clean-up brigade. I should have taken a picture of the girls riding the flat rack while I pulled them on the lawn tractor, sitting on top of mounds of white mixed with leaves. It's the Siegert Family Fun version of the Fall Hayride. We should call it the TP Ride or something more creative than that!

So I'm not the Nurturing Type. Last week we watched Addy, one of the assistant coach's little girls (coming up on age two) during football practice. She's been here a few times before, so you'd think she was okay with playing with Wynne and the gang. But NOOOOOOOOOOO....more tears and screaming when her daddy left. I held her and tried not to breathe sick germs on her, dancing around the room with her and trying to distract her for a while. After half an hour or so, she finally died down because I was swinging her and Wynne wouldn't stop talking with her, trying to reassure her that her dad would come back sometime after football practice. (My kids are used to this. It's fall, so Dad doesn't get home till dark, right?) This is why I don't do a daycare and majored in MIDDLE LEVEL education, not early childhood. I'm just not great with the littluns. I try, oh how I try.

Here's another little girl who freaked out at our house. Our niece Kierta! Isn't she cute?

Mark's brother Greg and Kierta came down for the Homecoming game, and they had supper with us on Saturday night. Kierta learned how to walk a few months ago, and she's really good at it, even on our slope from kitchen to living room!
Greg predicted that Kierta would find some shoes and put them on her hands. He knows his little girl pretty well!

Mark took advantage of his brother being here to help carry our old water heater out of the basement, haul a church pew out of our sitting room (the one that used to hold our hats and coats until this beauty was installed), and put the climbing dome back in the shed. Poor little Kierta was so scared when her daddy walked out of the house; I tried to hold her and distract her, but after a while I just had to put her down and get my camera. (another sign of my Non-Nurturing Tendencies) I want her dark, wavy hair in my next life. Please God!

So there you have it, more Confessions of a Slacker Mom. I prefer decorating the yard over preparing healthy foods and disinfecting my house. I prefer taking pictures over cuddling and cooing. My cards are on the table!

Surely you desire truth in the inner parts; you teach me wisdom in the inmost place.--Psalm 51:6


Blogger Astrid said...

I think you mean "Slacker" mom not Slacker mom 'cuz you're NO slacker! Yikes! I can't believe how much you've got going on ...on top it's football season...I'm so impressed with all that you do get done! It's crazy! Life is crazy! (but that's a good thing) :)

September 28, 2009 at 6:57 PM  

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