Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Ride My Harley?

"Ride My Harley" was the working title of Cy's group's National History Day documentary.  Funny how none of the 4 boys (Andrew, Will, Jaydon, and Cy) are very interested in Harleys or motorcycles, but they did find the topic interesting enough to spend a few months researching and creating a documentary about it.  This company has some interesting roots and a positive legacy in our state and around the world, turns out....and the boys' work was good enough to qualify for ALTERNATE to the NHD STATE competition next month! (I've posted the video from Youtube in another post.)
Great job, guys!
All of those after-school hours (yuck!) were worth it, right?
I'm personally very proud of my son for all of his work with research, writing, and audio. ;) Sorry I yelled at you;)


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