Sunday, October 13, 2013

Fall Sports Chugging Along

Cy had his last game of the season last week.  They only played 7 games, of which I was able to see one whole game and three halves....not enough!  It went by way too quickly!  This is just a neat picture of the quarterback (Alex) getting ready to pass.  Cy is on the offensive line (2nd from the left).
 Another neat picture of the O-line.  Cy is #6.  Kinda nice to have those numbers on the helmets!
 I love this picture because it shows Cy and two of his best buddies Will (#2) and Brady (#10).  These guys were standing in the locker room after the varsity game the other night, and I almost cried.  In 5 short years it will be THEIR senior night!!
 We are partial to football at our house.  They don't play enough games.  Seven games isn't enough!  But I do love how it's just one game a week.  That's about right.  Even then, we're so busy we can't get to many of them (with the other kids' & our own schedules).  Mark saw about a half of two home games, after his own high school practice.  It's neat to hear him critique Cy quietly from the sidelines:)
Cy is a linebacker and looks very intense here!   On offense he says he's a 3 back.  Don't ask me what a 3 back is.  I think it has something to do with him being the 3rd person to touch the ball or something.  Yes, I am a coach's wife, but no, I don't know enough about the sport to sound intelligent.  Which is why I cheer and don't criticize!
 Love the fall colors behind our boys here.  We lost the game, darn it, but it was a close one.  5-2 is nothing to hang your heads about!  Cy is the thick-calved boy at far left.  When he was a baby, we used to call them "cankles" ;)
 And here's the VARSITY version of the Chieftains this year.........just had their last home regular season game already!  It's truly flying by.  We don't want it to end for another 6 weeks, so GO CHIEFTAINS!!  (7-1 at this point)
 Ally wanted to run in a 5K with me.  It was the first 5K for both of us.  The local hospital had a "Glow Run" with neon shirts and everything.  $ went toward the hospital and Grant County Cancer Coalition.  Over 850 runners were there lighting up the night with their shirts and glow sticks!  It was pretty cool.  I was so proud of Ally.  She started out as my pace horse, really fast.  About 1.5 miles in, I settled into a groove and left Ally to see how fast I could finish this thing.  It was just as hard as a half-marathon to me, which is probably a sad statement as to how less in-shape I am compared to a year ago.  Sigh.  Can I still blame it on my arthritic foot and plantar fasciitis?  Or the stress of full-time teaching, 5 kids' schedules, and never being home to rest or train well? Or just being lazier/older/etc.  Take your pick.  At any rate, it was a neat race and I was so proud of Ally; she finished under 30 minutes which was our goal.  She in the 29s and me in the 27s.  I ran back to finish the last .2 miles with her.  Very cool!  I'm lucky to have such a great girl.  (Oh, and we had walked darn near all day at the Galena Country Craft Fair so there's another excuse for being really sore today!! ha!

For while bodily training is of some value, godliness is of value in every way, as it holds promise for the present life and also for the life to come.--1 Timothy 4:8


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