Sunday, September 1, 2013

Another Teenager in the House

Last week another teenager emerged in our house........Happy Birthday, Cyrus!
Two years ago, he had most of these same buddies over for a backyard football game.  The big difference this time is that now they are using their OWN football equipment!  It's hard to believe they're old enough to play on the middle school team now.

Somewhere over the past few months, our son has shot up and slimmed down. 

Cy ready to stop Dylan!
 Aside from the huge mess they leave in the house, it's kinda fun to have a bunch of boys around.
 I just love hearing them joke with each other.  Even when they're playing against each other, there are no hard feelings.  They are so drama! (right, P & S??)
 A few days over, we had some aunts, uncles, and cousins over for an end-of-the-summer campfire and birthday cake.  My cake decoration drawer used to have football stuff in it, but that's I grabbed the only thing left.  A princess wand!
 "Happy Birthday to our Little Princess"   I knew Cy wouldn't mind. ;)
 Thirteen.  WOW!!  We gave him contact lenses and socks for his birthday.  (Yes, he likes socks.  Lots and lots of SOCKS.)
 Paige knew exactly what she wanted to give her brother for his birthday:  an Uncle Si t-shirt!
 I guess Rudy tried to share his rawhide. ?
 Ally is an astute gift-giver.  And very generous!  A vintage Superman comic book she picked up in South Dakota AND an Oregon Ducks Nike t-shirt.  Score!
 As I mentioned earlier, Cy is now old enough to play on the 7th and 8th grade middle school team.  We opened up our season in Warren last Thursday night!  Cy is playing middle linebacker here.  He's the guy with the white gloves and dingy socks. (Please wear black socks next time, Cyrus!)
 It was so fun watching Cy and his friends play football together.  Never before have I known every single kid on the team!  It was kind of hard to follow the action, though, as I was trying to videotape at the same time.  (No, we don't analyze every play...but Mark won't be able to attend many games due to his own coaching schedule, so I thought I'd capture it on film for him.)
We won!  34-14.  What a nice place to play; they had the field painted beautifully, and they even had an announcer.  It was really neat for the kids.

 Okay, I just put this one in there to show you how our team defends a field goal or extra point kick.  Warren actually kicked a really good field goal!  We need that kicker on our varsity team!
 Post-game coaches' talk...
 ...and a very happy young man.  Happy Birthday, Buddy!  You can stop growing up now, please.
How can a young man keep his way pure? By guarding it according to your word.--Psalm 119:9


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