Sunday, August 11, 2013

South Dakota Day 2, Part 1: THE Corn Palace!

     There's only one Corn Palace in the world (although Sioux City, Iowa was originally planning to have one)...and it's in Mitchell, South Dakota.  Mitchell was the first overnight stop on our way out to the main attractions (mountains, monuments).  We stayed at the Best Western Motor Inn where we managed to find an affordable 2-bedroom suite.  Wynne got floor duty again (thanks to the sofa bed cushions), but I think Ally suffered the most due to sharing a bed with her brother.  She ended up in a chair that night!
     If we're going to stay in a hotel/motel, free breakfast is a must.  This place had a decent breakfast and a wonderful outdoor heated pool.  I think a heated pool is the only way to go!  It was so nice that even I swam for quite a while the next morning!

When Daddy gets in the pool, you know there are going to be kids thrown around (to their glee)...
... and lap races!  Cy managed to beat Mark once that day.
Next up, the crown jewel of central South Dakota!

Yes, that is corn (& husks) nailed onto those walls.  It changes every year!
The inside is filled with a small theatre, museum-type displays, gift shops, and this arena.  Local high school basketball teams and famous country singers share this venue!
Our corny little girls.
Somebody wants to be a cowgirl!
Wynne had the distinct pleasure of being photographed with Cornelius.  I don't think she got his autograph, though.
Did you know that CORN is in almost EVERY product you can think of? (Ending in preposition there, oops.)

Other western/Native American/etc. stores neighbor the Corn Palace.  Paige, Shae, and Wynne managed to get their picture with a local yocal ;)
At the back of one store was a Bible experience/museum.  You can see the ram that was sacrificed in place of Isaac among other things.
Mitchell was neat, but we were still lacking the mountains of the Black Hills.  Only 5 more hours of driving! ha!


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