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Door County Family Campout

Another fun Engelke "Campout" (where some of us camp and others of us stay in cabins or hotel rooms)!  This time it was hosted by Marla & Paul's family in beautiful Door County.  
Rowley's Bay north of Sister Bay (with an address of Ellison Bay), Wisconsin.....
Clockwise from bottom left: Sammie, Kaycie, Dan, Tammie, & Dani

Late Night Poker with the Guys:  Clockwise from bottom left camo:  Kaleb, Jared, Brian, Payton, Gabe, Cy (on steps), and Kyle....Brian and a lot of nephews!
We had a 2-room suite in the lodge.  Very quaint and rustic...and spacious.  I was pleased that we had a full kitchen in there!  I was also pleased that the twins offered to sleep together on the living room sofa pull-out.  These two haven't slept together in *sniffle* years!
Shae & Paige, all smiles and giggles with their Kindles for reading;)
Wynne brought her Dora "futon" and Cy took the rollaway.  They moved in with Mark and I for a few nights.  Ally had the luxury of having her own private bedroom with double bed!  She loved it.

See?  Doesn't she look well-rested after a night on a double bed?  Actually, she has a double bed at home, but it's part of a bunk bed and is low to the ground, so this one was really nice for her.  She and I went with Mom and Aunt Nancy in search of a Farmer's Market on Saturday morning!  

Later that day, we drove down to Carlsville for a town festival.  It was a cherry festival (due to the cherries being in peak season, late July); thus the camels were out in full force.  (!)  This picture was taken seconds after Wynne fed a camel by placing a carrot in between her teeth.  The camel gave her a "kiss" for the carrot!
Here we are with our brooding teenagers on the trolley ride to a dairy farm/petting zoo.  Cy was especially thrilled to be taking in a flea market and town festival.  He just loves those things.  Can't you tell?
Catherine was along with us that afternoon, and the girls were especially fond of the ponies and drill team horses.  The dairy farm was beautiful, a real working farm with petting zoos, horse arena, milking parlor viewing area, and dairy store/cafe.
Back in Carlsville, we caught up with none other than BUFFALO BILL!
This was a Wild West re-enactment.  Many of these guys and gals ride all over the country to different events.  This foursome was especially agile (the horses) in marching in unison, taking tight corners, etc.  This is the way cavalries were /are trained.
The show was interactive, with kids being called out of the audience to help with challenges such as this tug of war.
Catherine, Paige, Bailey, and Memphis (in front) were on one team.  I forget who won, but who cares?
Wynne was anxious to get in on the horse races.  She and Catherine actually got to keep their horsies after racing a REAL one!
This guy has a Guiness World Record for the longest lasso.  You can't see it, but he was really good at it and could even twirl from top of his horse!
Back at Rowley's Bay, here's the view walking down to the pier.  
Several tried unsuccessfully to catch any fish that weekend.  You can't tell, but it was COLD that weekend!

Door County is known for its natural beauty, cherries, and fish boils.  We experienced all of three.  This man did an excellent job of portraying Peter Rowley, the first white man to settle this area.  While he was talking, the potatoes boiled....
....the white fish was added....

...and kerosene was thrown on the fire to cause the boil-over!  Several folks proceeded to enter the restaurant for an all-you-can-eat fish buffet after the story was told.   (Several of us proceeded to our respective campfires to roast on more affordable hamburgers.)

We were lucky to snag a big common campfire area for one night, where the family could sit and visit.  Did I mention it was COLD that weekend?  My family hadn't packed appropriately and was shivering in shorts and borrowed sweatshirts.  (thanks Tashners!)

Later that night, four families drove down to Fish Creek to the nostalgic Skyway Drive-In!  I have ALWAYS wanted to go to a drive-in movie, so this was a real treat  for me personally.

Dan and Tammie's gang.....

Paul & Marla's fam....
Claire, Ally, and Wynne enjoy the view from the back of our Suburban....
...while the boys (Cy, Gabe, and Payton) took a front-row seat by the screen.  You can't tell from the picture, but this seat was long, low to the ground, and leaned wayyy back almost against the ground.  We watched "Despicable Me 2" which was a very fun flick.  Thanks to the Simons for the movie treat bag they gave each of us, too!
Mom and her kids on Sunday morning before we all parted ways.  Unfortunately, Tim and Maryellen and their family were unable to join us.  

Amy, Julie, Deb, Dan, Mom, Brian, Marla, Ken, and Brad
Mom and SOME of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  Please keep in mind that this is just SOME of them.  There are several more....
On our way back from the resort, Mark and the kids and I took Marla's advice and stopped at Cana Island.

97 steps up....overlooking Moonlight Bay and North Bay.
The beach was so rocky.   There were several points where the kids could almost "walk on the water"!

Where there weren't rocks, there were SHELLS!  This was the "sand" at Cana Island.

It was so peaceful out there.
So many natural artifacts to explore!
Lake Michigan.  I couldn't get over the immenseness of it.  I know it's not an ocean, but it felt like one to me!  It makes me think of Jesus Culture's "One Thing Remains":  

Your love never fails, it never gives up, it never runs out on me.....because on and on and on and on it goes....

You don't catch these two together very often....unless there's punching or crying involved.....but out on the water, the petty cares are swallowed up.  It was awesome!!

More kid pics.....
One last look at Door County!  A beautiful part of our state AND our country!

  I trust in God’s unfailing love for ever and ever.--Psalm 52:8


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