Sunday, July 21, 2013

Cute Things They Say, Philosophical Version

I had the unique pleasure of spending last evening and this morning alone with our youngest.  The others were either a) at a friend's sleepover party, or b) with their dad at the all-star football game and visiting his brother's family.

On our way home from church, Wynne mentioned that a classmate in her class (a boy) was not happy about being younger than her.  He told Wynne, "Well, you're going to die before me because you're older than me!"

To make her feel better, I coyly suggested to Wynne that she respond with, "Not necessarily.  Girls have longer life spans than boys!"

Naturally this prompted a conversation about gender differences, mortality rates, etc.  Wynne asked me, "Does that mean that Daddy's going to die pretty soon?" to which I promptly responded, "No, honey!  None of us know when we're going to die.  Just because most women live longer than their husbands doesn't mean that happens EVERY time.  I might die in a car accident or something."

Wynne immediately replied, "Oh, I hope not, Mom.  I hope you just break your leg."

I smiled to myself at her matter-of-factness, but she wasn't finished.  "Breaking your leg isn't so bad.   It would be a lot worse to break your arm!"


"Because if you broke your arm, Mom, you couldn't wash the dishes or do any cooking!"

My little Archie Bunker.


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