Friday, June 22, 2012

Sunday Drive

There's nothing like a Sunday drive, and Grandpa has the wheels to prove it!

We celebrated Father's Day with Mark's Dad and family.  The younger girls and I took a ride with Grandpa Donny to the Platteville Mound, Belmont Mound, and the College Farm. 

 These ladies were happy to see our girls, who were very willing to pick up the stray alfalfa!
 When we arrived back to the home farm, guess what the boys had picked up?
 The old Trail Ram had been fixed up!  Cy kinda liked it;)
 Mark went back in time about 30 years.  What a neat Father's Day gift!
 Nobody wanted to ride, of course.

 Then another surprise:  Greg, Kierta, and Tage came down to visit!!  Kierta is almost 4 but will probably surpass Wynne (6) in height by next year.

Tage (2) is buckled up and ready to go! (Kierta's just a little excited, too :) )
How fast can this thing go, Uncle Joey??

Taylor, Glenn, Ryan, Mark & Shae

Happy Father's Day to all Dads!
Your loving, watchful presence is sorely needed in this world.

I will stand at my watch     and station myself on the ramparts.--Habakkuk 2:1


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