Saturday, June 16, 2012

My Dad, When I Was 13

Helping Mom and Dad go through papers and pictures on their move into town last fall, I came across a lot of memories, of course.  One was a poem I had written for Dad on Father's Day 1984.  I was 13 going on 14--just like Ally is this summer--and Dad was my hero.  At that time, he was very involved in our church and in A.A., starting up a Care & Share Task Force at school to make the community more aware of the dangers of drug and alcohol use.  Dad was very strong in his beliefs, and he didn't shy away from sharing those beliefs with his kids.  What some called arrogance, I took to be a contentment and assurance in God's direction in his life.  I get a lot of my spirituality from Dad.  As they say, "Faith is caught, not taught."
Look out, cat!!! (By the way, this is when I was 20...doesn't Dad look pretty good at age 61?)
Once in a while, I think I don't count for much in my eldest daughter's eyes because she is so very close to her dad.  But reading that poem and remembering how I felt about my own daddy at that age, I am reassured that a strong father-daughter relationship is a very good thing.  I am thankful for what I had with my dad, and I am thankful for how Mark and our own daughters get along now.  It will help them to find a godly man of their own in the future!


You know just what to say
And when to say it, too;
That's why the world around
There are no fathers quite like you.

Dad, you mean so much to me;
No present fits you more
Than three, simple words
That say what dads are for.

I love you!
Happy Father's Day

Mom & Dad, Stonefield Village trip 1984

You'd think that since it's Father's Day weekend, I would be thinking about my Dad more.  But I don't think it's possible to think about Dad more than I already do.  If I had words to describe how I feel since his passing--and more time to sit here and cry and pray and write--I could write an entire blog about him!  Every post would be another ache of my heart, another memory that makes me laugh or cry or both.

Daddy, I miss you each and every day.  You weren't perfect and we had our disagreements...and some of us kids would say, "Man if I ever start acting like Dad, stop me!!"....but I'm not going to focus on the things that you weren't.  There were so many things that you WERE.  You were an awesome spiritual leader for our family, an awesome faith sharer to me, an awesome farmer who worked his butt off to provide for us, a man who never expected more than he gave and put in an honest day's work much of your life.  You were an awesome dad who played with us, taught us how to work, "goosed" our knees, tucked us in at night, held us and comforted us when we needed it, and reassured us that we were beautiful children of God.  You were an awesome woodworker, A.A. mentor, and church leader.  You were an awesome grandpa who never tired of seeing his kids and grandkids at endless school, sports, and church events.  You were an awesome man who knew grace and devoted his life to his wife and children.   You were all these things and more....and I feel so greedy now because I want you back to hug and to talk with.  To hold your soft, warm hands and hear your deep, loving voice.  

Praise God for His unending love, and for the promise of Eternal Life that you are makes me kinda jealous!  I will see you and hug you again!  Happy Father's Day, Daddy!
Amy :)

As a father has compassion on his children, so the LORD has compassion on those who fear Him.--Psalm 103:13


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