Monday, June 11, 2012


 On Memorial Day weekend, we had so many places to many people to many reasons to celebrate!

Two nieces graduated that weekend.  The first party up was for Danielle.  Congratulations, Danielle, and best wishes for success at Illinois State!

Dani's family had a beautiful set-up in their shed.  Tammie had little candy bar wrappers--and even M & M's--with Dani's picture on them!
Wynne had to tease with Uncle Paul about "Hildegard" :) (inside joke)
Later that evening, we ate another fantastic meal at my nephew Mitch and Pam's wedding!  It was a vow renewal of their actual wedding day 3 years ago.  Their daughter Hollie was a cute little flower girl...

...and now she has a little (BIG!) brother to contend with, right Logan?


Stuart toasted his brother and sister-in-law and wished them continued blessings in their marriage, which will face a testing period when Mitch deploys to Afghanistan in a few months.  

We walked up to their house and crossed the street for a little park action!  Maryellen watches over her two older girls, Elsie and Addie. 

Then it was back to the dance!  Here are three of my brother Brad & Sonja's six grandchildren.  I can't take a picture of them without it being blurry...they are always in action!  Memphis, Arek and Leila are swinging to the beat!
The next day we traveled over to Janesville to meet our newest member of the Siegert family, Payton Patricia!
Jamey and Elle hosted a Memorial Day gethering for friends and family in their beautiful new home.  (New to them!)
Wynne and Mady enjoyed the awesome playground structure in their yard.  Please don't take it down, Uncle Jamey!!

Lauren hung out with the girls in the "play room" over the garage. 
Jamey shows off the new fireplace (in progress) in their expansive living room.  Just a gorgeous home!
But even more gorgeous your newest cousin, right Cy?
One last parting shot from Janesville.....
...and then it was over to Sammie's graduation party the next day!  I thought I took a photo of Samantha, but I guess not.  This one will have to do...I made a book for her, and her grandma is admiring it:)
Brag time:  Sammie is her class valedictorian.  Way to go, Sammie!!  Good luck at UW-LaCrosse!  (have fun with your sister...but not too much fun!)

It is always good to sit and relax with loved ones you don't see very often.
And the kids always have plenty of cousins (and friends) to play with!
I don't know how this happened, but my girls and Julie's youngest girl (behind Shae) are giving our oldest girls (my Ally and her Claire) the spa treatment!  I think there was a promise to take them to the ballpark in there somewhere...

 As you can see, it was a busy weekend.  Good news:  I didn't have to do much cooking.  
Bad news:  I ate too much.  
Really good news:   God blesses me through many different people in many different ways!
We love because he first loved us.--1 John 4:19


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