Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Oregon Trail

The 5th Grade States Parade was coming up, and I was kinda hoping that Cy would get the state of Louisiana, like Ally did.  ;)
Oh well; it's off to OREGON we go!  Dad helped turn the Louisiana Riverboat into a display for all things Oregonian (is that a word?).  Cy studied everything from Crater Lake to Ducks Football.
 Of course there was a Lego representation of the state on there, too.
Did you know that Nike headquarters are in Eugene, Oregon?  You probably did...but I sure didn't!  My favorite fact about the state was that it is the only one with an image on BOTH sides of its state flag.  There's the state seal on one side, and the state animal--a beaver--on the other.  Pretty nifty!

I should have taken a picture of Cy at the states parade in school.  He put on a curly wig, big glasses, and a sign around his neck that said "The author Beverly Cleary is from Oregon".  Or something like that.  I'm not sure Beverly would be impressed with her likeness.  But yay for Cy anyway!!


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