Monday, January 2, 2012

Winter Swimming Lessons

Paige and Shae were really looking forward to showing Aunt Mary Kay how much they learned in swimming lessons this summer!  Paige especially was ready for more instruction this weekend at the Engelke Christmas gathering.

Wynne just likes to jump in and let you catch her!

 The Christmas gathering at the hotel is something that Wynne calls "The Engelke Campout".  I guess you could call it that, because the whole gang basically camps out in the Mineral Point hotel....lobby....hallways....swimming pool....and convention room!  We are very fortunate that my brother Brian and Mary Kay work hard to set up, clean up, and get us a good discount through their working relationship with hotel management.  We all try to clean up after ourselves and not be too "rowdy" ;)
My nephew John and his daughter Lillian, age 2!

Shae is getting more confident and skilled in the water, too.

But then she put on her arm floaties, and she was unstoppable.  I especially love this picture of her with Shae.  Big Sister is instructing Little Sister...and no one is yelling!


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