Friday, December 30, 2011

God's Princesses

We had a Princess Party last night!
 See the girl rolling her eyes in the center of the picture? That's the Princess who's marrying our Pastor!  YAY for Carol!!
 Our "sisterhood" of Sunday School moms and daughters gathered together for a little bridal shower before the Big Day (which is next weekend).  For some reason, nobody wants to have their picture taken while they're eating. ;)
 After supper, it was time for the games.  Oh, how I love party games.  This time it was Bridal Mad Libs and Design-a-gown-with-tissue-paper-and-tape. You know that one, don't you?
Diane & Amy design the perfect gown for Alli
I was amazed at how detailed the groups were about adding all of the little things that make a bridal gown special.  Veils, ruffles, trains, bouquets...
Maddy, Sara, Paige & Devany
 even a tissue paper garter belt and shoes!  The bride-to-be was good about wearing the "princess tiara" that my daughters had constructed for her. 

Carol, Felicia, baby Mercedes & Shelly

We read our "mad libs" about a girl's dream for her wedding, as each bride strolled down the aisle.  Shae even had a train-bearer!
Shae & Devany
 The littlest princesses wasted no time in getting into their "real" princess garb.
Kate, Wynne & Sara
Carol, I think you have a new wedding party, eager to assist!

Carol with Sara, Wynne, Alli, Shae, Ruby & Felicia
  Then it was time for "Find Your True Love".  I borrowed a bunch of Headbanz (one of my personal game favorites), and my girls helped me make "couple cards".  I think Rapunzel and Flynn Rider finally found each other!

Wynne & Lonna share a hug
 We are so lucky to have a new friend in Carol!  And we couldn't be happier for her and Mark D.!

A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies.--Proverbs 31:10


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