Monday, December 26, 2011

Look What Santa Brought

Oh Santa!! You shouldn't have!! (but I'm glad you did!!)
An autographed picture of Clay Matthews!

Okay, actually this was a present from his godfather, Uncle Brian.  He carries it with him wherever he goes with pride.  (including last night when the Packers defeated daBears) ;0)
Okay, Santa.  You really out-did yourself this time.  An IPOD TOUCH!!??
 And a BB-gun for the boy?  Careful, you'll shoot yer eye out!

 Paigey got this adorable sock monkey hat from Mom and Dad (courtesy the amazing talents of a church friend), but Santa brought her a new DS game which she was pretty happy about, too!
 Another adorable hat made by Mary Jo, but look at what Wynne got in her stocking!  Her very own can of PRINGLES!!  (and her first Barbie doll under the tree)
 Shae got the flu bug for Christmas Eve.  Major bummer.  But she started to feel a bit better when she started opening her gifts...including her beloved boots! (and another adorable hat, this one a puppy dog)
 Santa brought Paige and Shae a new Wii game, London Olympics.  Daddy's always so good about getting the kids' toys up and running.  Meanwhile Mommy was making doughnuts on her new SUNBEAM DOUGNUT MAKER and washing her new CUISENART KITCHENWARE!!  Santa, you're too good to us.


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