Saturday, November 19, 2011

Two New Seasons

I miss my blog!!
But I have a severe lack of time right now because we are in the middle of two new seasons.
#1 Basketball.
This year is a little more packed because the boy is old enough to play interscholastic sports as well as the girl.  So between shuttling them to practices and games on different nights of the week, plus confirmation class for Ally on Wednesday nights, that leaves us with approximately zero weeknights without driving somewhere.  ugh.

However, it is so fun to see Cy and his friends playing for Potosi together!!  Here he is in the middle of the key.  I will not even attempt to use correct basketball terms because I don't know much about the sport (except that it is too long of a season and requires you to make sure your younger kids are occupied sitting in the bleachers).
Cy's best friend Will is bringing the ball up the court.  Cy brought the ball in.  They are running down the court to try and score in our basket.  There; that's the extent of my basketball knowledge.

I'm not supposed to tell you how the game went because my son just told me "Just say that the other team was 7th and 8th graders."  Which is a true statement!

Guess who's coaching Ally's team?
Last night they made their debut on the home court.  Go Coach Siegert and the 7th & 8th Grade Lady Chieftains!!

Ally, I apologize that this is the only picture I took of the game.  I was distracted by little girls who kept begging me for concessions money.  Don't worry; there will be more games and more photos. 
 Speaking of little girls, here are three of them acting very crazily.  Showing off their homemade tattoos and cupcake fingernails.  Aren't they adorable??
Which brings me to Reason #2 for my inactivity on this blog.  The second season--my new venture into full-time teaching!!!
On Monday, I was offered a long-time substitute teaching position at our elementary school.  In my twins' third grade classroom!!!!
On Tuesday (after much prayer), I told the principal I would take it.
Then I scrambled to get a few loose ends tied up at home.....and at the dentist office (that toothache I've been putting off turns out to require more work....Guess what I get for Christmas? A root canal!!).........and in the barber chair.  My son's friend's mom Lori is a hair stylist and gave me a great (and MUCH-needed) haircut.  I figured, if I don't get stuff taken care of this my one day off, I will never get it done. 
On Wednesday, I started teaching in Mrs. Alexander's classroom.  Mrs. A's All-Stars are the BEST kids I could possibly hope and pray for....and they are so patient as I try to find my way around the classroom procedures etc.  I love lesson planning and don't worry about that, except that the room is set up for a veteran teacher who knows where she put everything) guess what I'm doing today? Going in to make heads or tails (or hopefully both) of the classroom.  }
Not sure how long of a stint this is going to be.  I was told "it could be days, weeks, months, or the whole year". 
I have a new person living inside of my head twising the veins on each side of it now.  Hello, Mr. Tension Headache!  Please don't take up permanent residence in my skull....go away by next week, please!!
(Of course, the heavy dental work done on the left side of my face hasn't exactly lessened the pain.)

This requires two things:
* Prayer
* Patience by my family (and within myself)

I want to do the very best job I can do, at both home and at school.  I wasn't looking for full-time work, but the need arose and I was given the opportunity.  I will share the circumstances leading to Mrs. A's temporary (or permanent? we don't know yet) departure in another post.  That also requires much prayer!!

Dear God,
You are in control.
I am not.
Help me to remember that.
Help me to treat others with kindness, patience, and compassion.
Help me to give my very best without sacrificing my sanity, stress levels, or faith in you.
Help me to cling to you like never before.
Most of all, heal Mrs. A's son and show us all Your love and glory!

I have set the Lord always before me. Because he is at my right hand, I will not be shaken. --Psalm 16:8


Blogger Astrid in Bristling Acres said...

Thank you, thank you and many more thanks for watching the girls on Friday!

Good luck with the long term subbing! I bet the twins love having you be their sub. :-). I can only imagine how challenging it must be to balance work and home stuff. I am sure that you will find the right balance to make it all work to your advantage. I know that you have chores for all the kids but maybe they can help out a little more. I wonder if it is reasonable to ask the elementary school age kids to do their own laundry? I have heard of families doing that.

Good luck!!!!!! It will all work out!

November 19, 2011 at 6:24 PM  

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