Monday, April 25, 2011

The Birthday That Keeps On Going

As you know, Wynne had her friends over for a birthday party last weekend, then she celebrated at home on her real birthday of April 20.  But seeing my family on Saturday and Mark's side on Sunday for Easter, Wynne's birthday just seems to keep going and going and going...
Aunt Marla & family gave her a neat book, gift card, and sand candle from their trip to Mexico!
Then Uncle Tim & Aunt Maryellen had a nice card and some dollars.  Dollars are fun!
Then Great Grandma Joan gave her a purple shorts outfit and this fabulous pink purse.
A girl can never have too many purses!
Uncle Doug & Aunt Paula gave her these adorable pink cowgirl boots!!  She has been wanting pink cowgirl boots since before Christmas.  Guess what she wore to school today?
Aunt Linda & Uncle Joe gave her a diary (in which she has already penned some secret items of utter importance) and this nifty fish-for-gems game.  Cousin Nicole always makes things fun, too!
Mark said that these birthdays are getting a little out of hand.  Ya think??


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