Monday, January 17, 2011

My Baby and Her Babies

I don't care if she's 3 months away from turning 5, she is STILL my BABY!!

But it's hard not to notice just how big she is getting when her little cousins are around. We had a football-watching party the other night (I won't call it a Packer Party because I married a Bear fan), and Wynne was so happy to boss her little charges around. She grabbed her "camera" and took pictures of all "my babies", as she called them! One-year-olds Addie (background) and Hollie had little choice but to comply.

When she wasn't holding her first baby doll Gloria (A.K.A. "Hildegarde", right Uncle Paul?), she was feeding her newest baby doll Ella. Two-year-old Elsie watched with fascination as Wynne proceeded to instruct on the basics of infant care.

Ella poops and pees, and since we are out of diapers (and I REFUSE to buy doll diapers, Santa!!) little Mommy just keeps a few paper towels on her lap to catch any "eliminations".

The good news is that Ella rinses out pretty well when you run her mouth under the tap. (Okay, that isn't standard procedure for babies, but we have to make the necessary adjustments!)
The other good news is that the Packers won and are facing Da Bears next week for the NFC Championship!!!
And the Lord saideth, "GO PACK GO".


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