Friday, January 7, 2011

Cute Things They Say, New Year's Edition

Wynne and I were driving into the grocery store parking lot today, and she saw a disheveled woman walking into the store, wearing pajama pants and crocs. "Look Mom! She's in her PJs!"

Me: "Maybe she feels sick today."

Wynne (flatly to me): "Or maybe it's Pajama Day!" (Duh, Mom!!)
(We have lots of Pajama Days at our elementary school.) --Wynne, age 4 1/2

This one just in..
"Can you switch it, Mom?" (referring to the television channel)
"Why don't you like 'Little Bill'?"
"It's for little kids, Mom!"
"Aren't you in preschool, honey?"
"I'm FOUR years old, Mom!!" --Wynne age 4.5 going on 45


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