Thursday, January 13, 2011

Zumba Caterpillar!!

One of the Christmas Gift Hits for 2010 is Scatterpillar Scramble!

Wynne received this funny little guy from her godfather Uncle Doug for Christmas. As you can see, it involves using these tiny tongs to put plastic balls onto the caterpillar's (or should we call him a centepede?) hands from bottom to top. The first one to get all of their marbles on wins. Sounds easy, right? Um....not quite!!

You see, this guy doesn't stop MOVING. He wiggles and twists to the Samba or something. Reminds me of Beto and the girls on Zumba!

I couldn't believe the box said "Ages 4 on up". This game is not your typical preschool game. It is TOUGH!!! And just a wee bit frustrating. But such a great time, and excellent challenge for eye-hand coordination. Wynne has been practicing it every day, and she likes to shut off the music (and Scat's dancing) and put the balls on the hands for an easier variation. We also ditch the tongs sometimes. I think Shae's the family champion so far.

Oh, if we could all have that much flexibility at our waistline! Zumba!


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