Thursday, July 8, 2010

Delightful De-cluttering

The weekend before last we had a garage sale at my mother-in-law's house. She lives in a much bigger town, so we figured we'd draw more customers. It felt SOOOOOOOOO good to get clean out the basement and get rid of all this extra stuff! Mind you, this picture was taken after THREE hours of sale time. And you can't even see INTO the garage. Imagine what it looked like at the start!

Some of the larger furniture was my sister-in-law's, and some stuff was from Mark's mom, but most of the merchandise was from our house. You wouldn't believe how many large plastic totes I brought filled with girls clothes sizes infant to 3T. I'll tell you anyway: EIGHT. Eight totes. Maybe 5% of it was purchased from us. Most were gifts or hand-me-downs...and so I passed a lot of it along to another sister-in-law for her two little girlies!

Shae and cousin Taylor were getting kind of bored about an hour into the whole thing.

Taylor, Uncle Joe, and I ended up playing with most of the kids at a nearby park for a few hours. We really lucked out the day of the sale, because the night before we had lots of rain.

Mr. Moneybags here made $9.00 off of his toys and lemonade sales!! He was "saving up" (and I put that in quotes for a reason) for a deluxe hardcover Legos Star Wars anthology, complete with Luke Skywalker minifig embedded in the front cover. (Said treasure has since been purchased and admired for hours upon end.)

All in all, it was a successful sale because Mark and I met our goals of a) getting rid of everything (if it didn't sell, it was donated to Goodwill); and b) making enough profit to cover the cost of the Shopping News ad. We're not out to make money on these deals (I think the last sale we had 4 years ago made us maybe $10), but we do have a good de-cluttering session. It's amazing what you can accumulate in 4 years (right, Mr. President?)!

Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.--Psalm 51:10


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