Monday, July 12, 2010

VBS Rocked!!!

Well, we finished up our 6th annual Vacation Bible School last week. I grew up loving VBS as a kid, and when we moved to Potosi, I wanted to make sure my kids and their friends had the same type of opportunity to meet the Lord in a high-energy, camp-like setting. We are so blessed to have several people here who share the vision and work hard to make it happen. Last count, we had 89 kids take part during the week! Praise God!!

I was too busy to take pictures during the week because I was leading the music rotation, but I did snap some shots on our last night, Community Night. When our MC asked for volunteers, Wynne was quick to volunteer. Which really surprises me, because you know how shy she is.

We had a Christian rock concert theme this year, since our curriculum and music was written by the Go Fish Guys. The Go Fish Guys are some of the most talented a cappella singers & songwriters I've ever heard, and they happen to be 3 young Christian dads with a powerful ministry to families. We heard them in concert in Janesville a few years ago, and they are AWESOME !! So the kids had no trouble responding to their music and sharing it with the crowd.

I just love introducing kids to good Christian music and listening to them sing it out. Our favorite song (echoed on our t-shirts) is "Saved"(by grace through faith). How could you not love this??

Our arts & crafts guru Carolyn put together some really neat projects, including the paper "Jesus Rocks" guitars, guitar pick necklaces, and picture frames for the kids to make. Her son Jake even came over to set up his photo booth and incorporate the VBS logo into the pics. Cy got to channel his inner rock star! (I will have to steal Ally's picture from her room and get it on here later.)

This actually shows the many faces of Paige you can encounter in the span of 15 minutes at our house. ROOSIE!!!

Shae tries to act more composed, but it doesn't last for long. Kinda neat how the "crazy hair" pic looks a lot like her sister's. (I guess that explains why some people still can't tell them apart!)

Wynne loves every single minute of VBS. Don't count on pretty hair in these pictures. This is Wisconsin in July, and most of our school isn't air conditioned!

Paige got cut off here, but we did our best to get the whole fam in there. It wasn't a pretty sight (or smell)! But it was a lot of fun. I wish I had a picture of Mark's games rotation. He set up 2-3 games each night, and the kids had a blast. I had at least 5 people come up to me and tell me how great my husband is with the kids. Thanks, Mark!!

While I'm thanking people, THANK YOU EVERYDAY BROKEN for putting on a great concert after the kids sang! You guys were fantastic. Really, really good!! And I'm not just saying that. ;)

This picture is actually a candid. Our son was like this during the whole concert. When I tried to get him to settle down, he would tell me exactly what the lyrics and band leader's testimony was all about. He proved to me that he was listening and responding to it in his own way. "See Mom, I CAN listen and feel the music at the same time!"

A local lady does such a fantastic job with face painting. It is a big hit every year!

The kids got to go up by the "stage" (thanks for the trailer, Joe and Becky!) and lead a praise song with the band. As Phil, their lead vocalist said, "There's always a shy one in every bunch. I wish he'd come out of his shell a little bit!" (I probably shouldn't say this, but this picture was taken right before Cy ripped his shorts. The kid gets into his music.)

The twin hams!!

"Let everything I say and do be founded in my faith in you; I lift up holy hands and sing, 'LET THE PRAISES RING!!'"

For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God— not by works, so that no one can boast.--Ephesians 2:8-9


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