Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cute Things They Say, part 3

"I quick!!" (which means, "I quit" or anything related to "I don't like what you are doing or telling me one bit!")--Wynne, almost 3

"Mom, you should get some of that." --Ally, age 10, referring to a commercial for anti-wrinkle facial cream

"Here Mom, why don't you eat some tuna? It's good for you!" --Cy, age 8, using my own words against me in his fight to eat white bread instead of wheat (Tuna is gagged upon by everyone in our house except Dad.)

"No Mom, wear the BLUE pants!" --Wynne, almost 3, showing her disappointment in my choice to wear sweat pants and not jeans (translation = we're not going anywhere today)

"I'm taking a diet." --Cy, age 8 (Isn't it sad that we have a child already using that word?)

"You were gone a long long long long time!" --Paige, almost 6, referring to my post-bedtime arrival back home after a 2-hour trip to my uncle's funeral last night

"Even I got my doll, Mom! But I won't bring it into church with me." --Shae, almost 6 (It isn't that funny until you hear her start every sentence with "Even".)

"Off my boots"..."Off my hat"...(translation = I took off my boots, Mom)--Wynne, almost 3


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