Sunday, November 1, 2015

A Look Back at October

O3- Claire & Ally face each other at Edgewood tournament.  Ally's in the gold libero jersey (back court) and Claire is #4 (front)! 
 Crazy cousin fun between games at the tournament...Madison Edgewood is a beautiful campus for college, high school, and elementary students.  They had these colorful picture frames up all over!  (Ally & Garrison had to of course check them out)
Lunch break and quick shopping stop at Target --riding the cart in the parking lot.  Doing exactly the OPPOSITE of what the safety pictures on the cart say to do!!! Not one of my better parenting/aunting moments. But hey, no children were injured in the taking of this photograph!!

O16-Ally's birthday! Thanks to Sonia H. for baking a delicious gluten-free cookie cake!!
O19 - Cy's last JV game as a freshman.  He plays O line and middle linebacker.  Coach Wiseman (cousin Jeff) and Coach Green did a great job with these kids.  They went 7-2 and DEMOLISHED Lancaster's JV team on this night!  Great season #99!!
 O21 - Potosi FCA went to Boscobel's Fields of Faith event.  It was really a great time! Great band, great testimony, and hey--free tshirts!!
 O22 - Middle School Halloween Dance.  Paige & her friend Lilly were 80s girls (even though I told her we didn't wear tutus back then;) while Shae & Anna were sprinkled doughnuts :) #topprizeagain
 O23 - Chieftain playoff shirts are in and look who's modeling them?  The Twin Hams!!!! DRESSED ALIKE FOR THE FIRST TIME IN YEARS!!!  It makes their mommy's heart swell :) Shae is miffed that Paige put on her signature look (the wide headband). Can you tell who's who? :)
 Paige is a tad taller, but not by much...........and OH YEAH:  We won the first playoff game big over Johnson Creek!  Way to go Chieftains!!
 O24 - Saturday "nastics".  It took a couple of months, but now Wynne can do a back bend!!
I think I'd break if I tried this :)

 O24 - Stonefield Halloween with Wynne & Kyli blowing in from OZ !  (the masking-taped, red-markered shoes turned out pretty good, huh?) Grandma E, do you recognize Dorothy's dress? ;)

 O24 - Regional Volleyball: Congratulations to Claire & the Hillmen for making it to Sectionals again!  You are so fun to watch!!
Ally, Claire (both 17), Mom/Grandma
 O25 - Church Family Day at Vesperman Farms (pumpkin patch, petting zoo, corn maze, etc.) Here are the bookends A & W!
 O26 - Senior football players perform the annual readers theater for elementary, this time sponsoring a comic strip writing/drawing contest.  Here they are with the winners.  (Jake's neck brace is bad advertising for football, but he didn't get injured on the field; he had a car accident.  Thank goodness he's okay!)

O30- Halloween parties at school....Wynne (Supergirl) and friends .....and the middle school hallway of Batman & villains! (I was the Penguin. See??)

O31- Ally gets to spend a whole day with Dad for her belated birthday present:  Badger football game (big win over Rutgers), shopping, and sectional vb!  

O31 -  Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Trick or treating where they give you BIG candy bars!!!!!!!!!!!!


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