Saturday, October 17, 2015


As I said on Instagram (my feeble attempt at connecting with my kids via social media)....
This little girl has been a Chieftain fan for 17 years AND COUNTING!

Here are 17 things that make her a great kid:

1.  Beautiful.  Beautiful eyes, beautiful heart, beautiful spirit.
2.  Kind.  Always puts others before herself.  A thoughtful gift-giver, friend, sister, daughter, granddaughter, godmother!
3.  Leader.  Leads her younger brother and sisters through a positive example.  Leads her peers through her hard work ethic, commitment to academic excellence, and lack of drama. 
4.  Strong.  Has to overcome more obstacles than most kids-or even grown-ups have...but doesn't use it as a crutch.
5.  Smart. Smart. Smart. Smart!!!
6.  Princess.  Daughter of the One True King and not ashamed to admit it!!
7.  Competitor.  Analyzes, practices, and executes skills needed to pose a problem to opponents in her sports.  Wants to WIN and works hard to make that happen!
8.  Unselfish.  Plays her role and works hard to contribute to her team through example and character.
9.  Mentally tough.  Doesn't back down from a challenge and, in fact, welcomes it.
10.  Softspoken.  Doesn't talk unless something needs to be said.  
11.  Shopper.  Online sales.  Savvy and trendy, but classy (except for the leggings, right Dad?)
12.  Funny.  Voices, faces, comments.  Get to know her and you'll see :)
13.  Calm.  Puts her Type A, emotional mother to shame!
14.  Dependable.  It's more than being the oldest kid.  She does so many things for her Dad and I that are not always easy, and she does them well.  A teacher yesterday said she was more reliable than most adults he knew!
15.  Discerning.  Whether it's her diet, dress, life decisions, or friends--no decision is made lightly.
16.  Devoted.  Loyal to her Lord, family, friends, team, and school.  
17.  Creative.  Photography, art, music, can always tell if Ally has made it because it's unique and wonderful!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ALLY.   Love you lots and lots!!

I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. --Philippians 4:13


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