Saturday, September 29, 2012


We're in the middle of "Foozball" season, Mama Boucher!!
 This is the extent of my sports photography.  Every year I try and fail.  Nice picture AFTER the touchdown!   I guess it just means, you should have been there.  Maybe next time!
 It was chilly last Saturday, but mostly sunny and perfect football weather.  Badger Park in Shullburg is a beautiful place to play.  (Especially when you're winning the game!!)
 I look through the lens and try to follow the ball.  Try is the operative word.
I like to take pictures of our defense, too.  Defense wins games, isn't that the saying?

It's always great when your reserves can play a lot of ball.  Go JV!!

 As my husband says, we just concentrate on going 1 and 0 each week.  So far it's been working out for us this year.
Next up: Homecoming.  Here's hoping Hurricane Charmin blows over quickly!!


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