Friday, August 17, 2012

Recent and Ancient History

The Putnam Museum has a wonderful floor filled with its community's (and our country's) origins.  I love local history!
Look who's homesteading!

 Time to check out the artifacts collected from the Orient!
This museum was truly for all ages.  Interspersed with the exhibits were interactions for young and old.  Shae wrote her name in Egyptian hieroglyphics.
 This was our first-ever look up close and personal with REAL mummies.  Very, very cool.
 B.J. Palmer (Palmer Chiropractic College) was a world traveler who somehow purchased such items at auctions.

 The one on the left is a false canopic jar.  See how it has no lid?
 Over in the ocean exhibit.....
 ...complete with a macramed coral reef!  It was really very colorful and realistic-looking.
 How many pictures have we taken with Cy and his beloved Nockeruses?? Too many to count.
 I agree with Wynne, this part of the museum was much more fun than the dinosaurs :)


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