Friday, August 17, 2012


YIKES!   Get out of Jurassic Park, people!! 

No need to's the dinosaur exhibit at the Putnam Museum in Davenport, Iowa!
Cy was in heaven with the T-rex.  He moved his forearms and head when a car passed by him.  Pretty darn scary if you ask me !!

See what I mean?  Does this look like something you'd like to see out on your daily stroll in the park or woods?
There will be no pictures of Wynne in this post because she was hiding behind me the whole time.  I had to carry her most of the time.
The pictures make them look more cartoon-like than they really were.
Small but vicious!  I really didn't blame Wynne for not wanting to enter this room.
Okay, there's Little Bear in the that we are past the animatronic dinosaurs and into the bones area.

A short post, but my poor blog needed some company so here are the photos.  One day I hope to return to more meaningful writing, but for now - enjoy our day trips with us!


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