Saturday, July 14, 2012

Pickin' in Iowa

Can you guess where this is?

Just an ordinary antique store...

...that happens to have its own nationally-televised show on the History Channel.
I'll give you a couple of hints.  This is for "Kid Pickers"...
...and the store's name is Antique Archaeology.
If you guessed "American Pickers", give yourself a gold star!
Last week, we drove down to LeClaire, Iowa to check out the place, hoping to find a little history piece to adorn our house or garage.  We didn't have much luck (things were pretty expensive, and most of the items at their LeClaire store are automotive), but it was fun to see where Mike and Frank work.  
It was an unassuming place, kinda hard to find at first.  We drove up and down the main drag in town until we finally spotted this little garage up the hill behind the A & W.  

Of course we didn't see the actual Picker guys, but we did see about a hundred other "tourists" just like us ;)


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