Monday, April 9, 2012

My Best Friend

The Sunday School girls (and moms) were having their own fun for the last 5 Sundays in Lent!
We just finished a study of Dannah Gresh's book My Best Friend Jesus.  It may sound corny, but it really dug to the core of what friendship means, and how Jesus is the perfect model of what it means to be a friend.  Jesus picked his disciples, and we are to pick our friends in much the same way...not asking "What will I get out of this relationship?" , but rather, "Who looks like they could use a friend?" and "What can I bring to this friendship?"

I personally learned a great deal about how to imrove my own friendship style, and how to nurture the relationships that I already have.  Paige and Shae were excited to participate, and I hope that they learned to be a little less selfish, too.  Ally sat in on a few sessions (when she wasn't being my photographer).

It was a great "break" from routine to split the boys and girls apart for Lent.  Definitely something we will pursue again!
Happy Easter and thank God for His perfect example of FRIENDSHIP :)
 Love one another with brotherly affection. Out do one another in showing honor.--Romans 12:10


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