Sunday, February 12, 2012

Big Time Worship

We had the privilege of being a part of the Rock and Worship Roadshow again this year, and this time Mark's mom came with us!  Unfortunately, when we arrived at the coliseum it was pert'ner standing room only.  (I haven't been able to say "pert'ner" in a long time.  I miss it!)
Fortunately, however, these were a bunch of kind people (I should hope Christians who love to worship are kind!) we split up and found a seat here and there, with a few of us sitting on the steps in the aisles.  We missed the first 2 gigs and arrived just in time to hear Disciple screaming their faces off.  Throwing their hair, all that hard-rock-kinda-stuff.  Like Shae said, "I didn't think they were singing anything!"  But to each his own;)  Here's the next act, Hawk Nelson! 
Then it was time for LeCrae, a Christian rapper.  I had never heard of him until I saw he was a part of the roadshow.  Looked him up, downloaded a few songs for Cy, and you know what?  I actually liked his music.  The big screen with lyrics helped, but contrary to popular belief, you could actually understand most of what this rapper was sayin/singin.  "Don't wanna waste my life"...."God is enough"....."Hallelujah"......his lyrics were Biblically pretty deep and the tunes/beat were catchy.  Wynne was bee-bopping with LeCrae; it was pretty cute!  But Mark says whenever I start trying to sing/rap that I kill the whole effect.  So I'll try to control myself.  "God is enough....God is enough....never too much....You are enough!"......Youtube it and see if you can resist joining in! I dare you.
Tenth Avenue North did not disappoint.  I know a lot of their songs, and apparently do did about 10,000 other people.
I don't know them enough to know what this guy's name is, but he's the lead and he has a good vocal.  Plus he had a nice way with the crowd, walking right up to sing with people for a few songs.  "You Are More" is probably their signature song.
See, I told you Wynne got into it ;)  Something was said that night that really stuck with me....the lead singer said, "We don't put our hands in the air to draw attention to ourselves, like we are some perfect worshippers....I put my hands in the air because that's what my little girl does when she wants her daddy to pick her up.  I want my Daddy to pick me up!"  I had never thought of it that way before, but I love that imagery.  I sure need my Heavenly Dad to pick me up, don't you?
Last up:  the headliner...Mercy Me.  Nuff said.
Bart preaches with such compassion and authenticity, sharing about a painful time in his life that prompted him to write their latest single, "Hurt and the Healer".  It's a keeper.  The entire band is full of real people who really care.  They each spoke about the children around the world that they sponsor through Compassion International.  I hope they raised some good $$ for the cause. 

"I Can Only Imagine"..."(When I Finally Make it) Home"....."Move"...."So Long Self"...."God With Us"..;;"
"Beautiful"..."Homesick".....I could go on and on.  So many years, so many songs.  None weaker than the other.  All a body of work that praises God and lifts Him up with the glory He deserves!
Home again, home again, jiggedy-jig!

But God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.--Romans 5:8


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