Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Great Day for Sledding!

Saturday was clear and not too cold...a perfect day for sledding! 
 I wish I had quick access to pictures from 12-13 years ago, because this Daddy pushed this same little girl on the same green sled back then;)
 We went to "Killer Hill" at the college, but quickly opted out due to the mud at the bottom of it.  I'm glad, because this hill was plenty steep enough and much more family-friendly.  I spent many weeks at this place back in college as it was our marching band practice field!
 The kids love those hats.  Good score for Christmas!  Here comes Shae-puppy and Paige-monkey...
 and Ally-Badger! (Cy at the right and Wynne on the left with the most worthless sled I've ever had the displeasure of trying.  I must have slid sideways about 5 times before ditching it for the Amazing Orange Flash that Shae's riding in the background!)
Daddy and the Baby.  I think this was the time where Wynne steered sideways (again, on that worthless blue sled) and scraped up her face a bit.  Not too bad, just enough to bleed a little and come crying to Mommy.  We retreated to the car for about 2 seconds, then all was well.
"Later, Dudes!" (Sorry I can't stop with the Chevy Chase movie lines.)

 "Now going for a downhill record...Clark W. Griswold the III (or was it II?) ...." 
Actually, Cy did very well going over two very sharp bumps in this path.  Give him about 15 years and his knees will be hating him for it!!
 I'm not much for winter sports, but the conditions were perfect on Saturday, and it's one of the cheapest forms of entertainment you can find.  Gotta love Wisconsin winters!

He spreads the snow like wool and scatters the frost like ashes.--Psalm 147:16


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