Saturday, August 13, 2011

America's Fun in the Country

Right before football season started, we snuck away for another "daycation".  If the kids could caption these photos....

When I was 12 years old, my Mom and Dad made my brother and I lug this humongous cooler to our picnic spot.

This was fun for about 2 seconds!!

Is this going in your blog, Mom?

Hurry up, take the picture, and let's get going!!!!

I can't believe we're at LITTLE AMERRICK-A !!!  It's been six years since we came here!!!
If I knew who Rube Goldberg was, this would remind me of his mousetrap!
I finally figured out which direction to drive this thing!!
"Wow, Mom, this is so and me riding on the roller coaster together!!"  (She went on to ride this at least 20 times total.  I kid you not.  The lady attending was sooooo patient & kind!)
But Mom!  Safe driving position is not very ladylike.  I have a reputation to uphold!!
Is this one of your 80s songs..."Eye of the Tiger"?

Jeepers Paige, you're hogging the motor!

Let's see if I can get their boat to flip over...
Hey Mom, this could be our Christmas card picture!!
What are you scared for, Mom?!


Why are you so dizzy, Daddy?  What's wrong?!


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