Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Herd of Elephants

How many times have I thought there was a herd of elephants running around upstairs...guess I was right!!

Part of our adventure last week included the Kids Interactive Circus. Everybody but Ally (who's getting "too old" for that stuff, darn it) took part in the circus. About a dozen kids became tigers, elephants, and magicians. The ringmaster, sound effects, and costumes were wonderful!

The littlest elephant got the biggest kick out of it all!

Our 9-year-old has the best expressions. Here he is, thinking "Can we put our arms and legs down yet? My stomach hurts!!"

And this one is "What?? You want us to walk on THAT?!"

Fortunately, the ringmaster had the rope lowered to a more suitable location.

Such concentration and balance!

Shae goes one step further with a parasol!

Wow, those elephants are so...acrobatic!

Take a bow!


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