Thursday, November 12, 2009

Girls Night Out

It's already been two weeks since the True Beauty: Girls Night Out event at our church, so I better get to posting!
First of all, there is not much to say except that it was wonderful. (But you know me: I am wordy and will write plenty!) I was blessed to have my mom, sister Julie, her girls Claire & Catherine, and my own three older daughters at the event.

Second of all, I am blessed to have such awesome sisters in Christ at LCC. Megan, Amy and Diane shared the vision of this event with me, and we were rolling! Diane took over the fashion show end of it (modesty in clothing) and elements of worship; Amy sold dozens of tickets and secured dozens of door prizes, and Megan designed the tickets and posters. I organized the schedule and secured the keynote speaker. God's gifts were distributed through us, and with His grace we pulled off a pretty special evening. We met and exceeded our goal of selling 100 tickets by 70%!! God is Big and God is Good!!

The fashion show was MC'd by our vivacious friend Robin. She did a great job injecting her own personal sense of humor and a touch of class to the event.

Here are the models, ages 5-8, 9-12,teen, and adult. Thank you to all of the girls and to McCandis, Walkers, Kidz Klozet, and Headz Up for furnishing the clothing, hairstyles, and make-up! All tastefully done with the purpose of showing girls that you don't have to dress like a tramp to be "in fashion"!

Following the fashion show we all moved into the sanctuary for a half an hour of contemporary worship and prayer. Our amazing pastor Mark, the Token Male at the event (as he called himself!) and a very talented 13-year-old Kaitlyn sang a prayer to open the worship.

After a devotion and scripture reading, all of our Sunday School girls sang Barlow Girl's "Enough". It was beautiful.

This little girl wants to be a singer when she grows up--her earnest expression and spot-on pitch may just be a start!

Our keynote speaker was Shelley Hitz. Shelley and I first spoke about the possibility of this event just 3 weeks before we made it happen. God works through Shelley in amazing ways. She is joyful, honest, funny, sad, and real. She gave a paper cup testimony that illustrated how she used to go to people, boys, school, shopping, make-up etc. to be "filled"...meanwhile being cut and shattered by life events...eventually finding that being in Christ is the only way to have a fulfilling (overflowing) Life! She used Powerpoints, statistics, and Biblical truths to share the message of True Beauty. I could go on and on...she was Spirit-filled and FANTASTIC!

After the keynote, Shelley did a break-out session on sexual purity with the teen girls and their moms, while the younger girls and their moms headed back into our fellowship center for a game show called "How Well Do You Know Your Mother/Daughter"? It was kind of difficult being the game show assistant and playing the games with my girls at the same time, but I did learn a few things:
1. Paige knows what my biggest pet peeve about house cleaning is.
2. Shae knows that my hero is Jesus Christ.
3. Ally's hero is her dad. (I kinda already knew that!)
That night, Shelley and her mother and sister stayed at our house. The girls felt like we had a celebrity staying with us! We had a big breakfast the next morning and shared some precious time together chatting about the struggles even young girls are feeling, the pressure to fit in/look pretty/etc. My husband was pretty gracious about having 3 extra women in the house to add more to the E-zone (estrogen!), and Cy was a bit reserved (shy???). It was a lot of fun.

You know, the internet is full of bad stuff -- but it is also a source of blessing. If not for the internet, I would have never discovered Shelley Hitz and we may have never had our Girls Night Out (mother-daughter night). Now thanks to the goodness of God that shines through His people--especially a gal who gave up a day of work to drive 9 hours west to share her message of hope--several young ladies may pause to think before they dress, talk, or act a certain way.

Like I said before, we surpassed our attendance goal by 70%. The message of hope is needed and wanted! We look forward to continuing the message on an annual basis! Praise God!

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.—Psalm 139:14


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