Monday, March 30, 2009

They Grow Up So Fast...

What better to do on a cold, sunny Sunday afternoon than play dolls? Ally and Wynne have real AG dolls (Molly & Bitty Baby, respectively), were given to us from a dear friend. (Lest you think we would stop eating or driving for a few months to buy American Girl stuff for 5 kids.) Here they are taking a break on the piano.

Being the only boy with four sisters, you have to cut my son some slack. He is not a girly-boy by any means, but he does have a doll. Like the twins', his is a Target knock-off purchased on craigslist for 5 bucks. My husband gave the doll a haircut and wa-la! we have "James". (Or Indiana Jones, or Brett Favre, depending on the outfit he's wearing.)

Here is Wynne's baby, all set up for picture-taking. She has no other name than "Baby" for the time being. (Check back in a few months.)

Our 10-year-old took all of these pictures and did a pretty good job, I think. She told me she was taking their "graduation pictures".
Here we see Shae's little friend Kirsten, reflecting on pioneer life in the 1860s. (I know, I know; the textured wall and floor board are a little too modern; just imagine with me here!!)

Next we find Elizabeth in her frilly blue dress, wishing it was warm enough to go outside. Paige likes to rotate between her modern dress and her colonial gown. Whatever mood she's in, you know.

Just like Ally, Molly is ready to play basketball! (I must give mention to our friend Pat Jones, who made all of the doll outfits except for this one and Molly's pink dress in the piano shot. Other than that, Pat made everything. She is awesomely talented at replicating anything...and her prices are a fraction of the AG Dynasty's. In the words of my college theatre advisor, she "sews like lightning"!!)

And here comes my favorite shot. You can tell that my little girl has seen some graduation pictures (browsing with me online; we love looking at photography websites, especially wedding and senior pics...)

How cute is that?


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