Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Our Daily Bread, Part 3

I haven't given up the quest to find the best homemade bread recipe for our family. So far I haven't found anything that equally pleases everyone, but this one came dang close!
EASY WHOLE WHEAT BREAD - thank you Joelle!

Okay, see that wheat flour? 85.7% of my family enjoys wheat in our baking. Then there's my son. He sees that wheat and stops right there. Won't even give it a try! Sigh.
This recipe has its good points and bad points, mainly good points though. For those of you who don't like to knead, you put the bread in a stand mixer and let-her-at-it for 10 minutes. I personally like kneading, but I found something else to pound out my frustrations on for those 10 minutes. I think it was the laundry.

On the positive side, this recipe makes two very large loaves. That is a huge plus for my family, who can easily mow through one loaf before supper gets on the table.

I still need to buy loaf pans. Everyone must be hanging onto their loaf pans, because I haven't found any at Goodwill or the Thrift Shop for weeks now. (This photo was taken after the second rising.)

Freshly baked and buttered. Ahhhhh....butter! (more specifically, the Aldi's version of I Can't Believe It's Not Butter !)

One slice of this is a meal in itself.

Score: Solid A! The only downside to this bread is that it gets a bit "mealy" after a few days, but nuke it for a few seconds and it's back to that freshly-baked goodness. So wholesome and delicious. A definite keeper in our kitchen. Now to find its white counterpart for my other 14.3%!

Give us today our daily bread.--Matthew 6:11


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