Monday, February 7, 2011

Titletown Restored

Well, Super Bowl XLV is in the books and we have ourselves another Lombardi Trophy going home to Lambeau Field!!

I know that my kids would have cheered for the Bears, had they won the NFC championship. But as it turned out, they embraced their Packer heritage (on their mother's side) and cheered the Packers on to victory!

Cy did most of the decorating, having been gifted with newspaper photos of several team players by a friend from our church.

You can't tell, but Cy used green spray paint to write "Go Pack Go" in a snowdrift in front of our house. Uncle Brian would be so proud!! (even though it was Ally's idea;)

Ally took charge and made a Super Bowl scoring grid for everyone to participate with...for only 10 cents a square, you could win $2 at the end of each quarter if you had the right numbers! Shae won the big money ($4) at the end of the game because she had the numbers 1 & 5. That was our educational lesson of the evening: a little math, a little graphing....Slacker Mom's version of homeschooling!

It wasn't a blow-out by any means. The Packers had a phenomenal first half, then were slowed in the second half. We scored just enough (and our defense held strong enough) to come out on top, 31-25 over the Steelers. It was a gratifying victory, especially to see quarterback Aaron Rodgers stay calm and steady and deliver 3 touchdowns and 304 yards in spite of the renowned Pittsburgh defense. Cool side story, Aaron Rodgers grew up near Chico, California where my cousin Ron & family lives.

Another cool side story, when interviewed after the game, our wide receiver #85 Greg Jennings was just so reflective, smiling broadly, blinking his eyes slowly, and taking it all in. He talked about how many teammates were injured over the season, how the team rallied together despite the obstacles (we were only 10-6 going into the play-offs), and he ended with "to God be the glory". See, not all professional athletes are jerks!!

In addition to my nephew, his wife & daughter, and their friend watching the game with us, Mark's mother, grandmother, aunt, uncle, and brother joined us as well. I must admit I was a little leery of having all of Mark's Bear fans with us, but the ladies were Packer backers for the day! Wynne took this picture of Grandma Jan!
And thanks for cheering on the Green & Gold for one day!
For the record, I would have been a Bear fan for one day, if the Packers hadn't made it this far. I really would have. We girls are flexible like that;)

And on the seventh day God rested and watched the Packer game.


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