Thursday, January 28, 2010

Random Observations & Cute Things They Say

**Apparently our twins are mirror-image twins. Shae is right-handed and Paige is a lefty. I passed on the southpaw gene to Paige, and I guess I passed on the ability to replace a toilet paper roll to Shae. Because no one else in the house appears to be able to figure out that tp-holder-mechanism. Ah, the wonders of DNA.

**Toys (and toy parts) that I throw away have a miraculous way of regenerating themselves/reappearing.

**Chickens like to be cooped up. I guess that's why they live in a chicken COOP. You should see our Rhode Island Reds; they're looking quite voluptuous. Their feathers are red and shiny, and their bodies are quite plump. Since they haven't laid eggs in 3 months, I'm thinking they may just find their way into our freezer!

**I don't know exactly how many pounds our 10-month-old calves are, but when one of them steps on your foot, it hurts.


Cute things they say, part ??:
"When I was born Mom, I was in your belly for 3 days at the hospital."--Wynne, age 3.5

"God didn't make stinky cheese!" (Swiss) --Wynne age 3.5 (AMEN to that!)

"When you get little Mom, you will have fun like me."
(Me): Will you be my friend?
(Wynne): "Yes!"
(Me): Will you let me wear your clothes?
(Wynne): "Yes!"
(Gotta love her generosity at such a young age.)


Blogger Astrid said...

Wynne is just too darn cute!

I'm betting those chickens will be tasty... either if they lay eggs or end up in chicken noodle soup. :)

February 4, 2010 at 11:05 AM  

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