Saturday, August 29, 2009

Domestic Goddess I Am Not

I think Cy had some pretty good times for his birthday his week. It seems as though these birthday bashes are extending over several days now, kind of like in Biblical times (the wedding of Cana, for example) or Woodstock!!

Our young man turned 9 on Monday, but we opened up the week with a laser tag/lego free-for-all on Sunday night. Cy had 3 friends over and they played to their hearts' content. It was the first year in forever that I haven't done a "theme" party for him...he specifically asked me NOT to do one this year as he is "too old" for such things. (where is the crying mom icon when I need one??) He was very cool about it, though, not snotty. And then he did change his mind a bit the day before and said, "Mom, can you make up a really hard treasure hunt for us to do, like you did last year?" and so I set to work writing clues and hiding little Lego figures all over the farm. The twins helped me, and we all had a great time.

Cy is really into Legos now, so Ally had this great idea to make him a Lego cake. Here is the picture she gave me for reference. Here is the cake I made:

Domestic goddess I ain't!
Please don't refer me to Cake Wrecks!
Then again, go ahead. Do it. I could use the 15 seconds of fame, right?

Cy is still big on archaeology, Mark and I teamed up with his godfather Uncle Brian to give him a mini-camp morning at Cave of the Mounds. I hadn't been there since the early 80s; what a beautiful place it is! The girls were jealous as we waited to register their brother for the day camp and looked all over the visitor center.

Cy had 3 hours of camp while the girls and I drove into Madison, picked up a wishing well from a craigslist seller for our Sunday School room, and drove back over to the west side to hit Barnes & Noble. My daughters had never been to Barnes & Noble, and after an hour of browsing I think they have joined their mother in proclaiming it one of their favorite stores EVER!! (It didn't hurt that every child got a free book for writing about 8 books they've read over the summer.) Plus I got my Christian book fix by buying the DK Children's Bible for our Sunday School "Into the Bible" room. (I am SOOOO excited about our new rotation Sunday School program--but that is for another blog post!!)

We drove back to the Cave of the Mounds just in time to meet Cy emerging from the cave tour. Each student made a plaster fossil, got their own bag of real fossils, and received another bag full of cave treasures. I bought Cy a shark tooth from the gift store, and then we stopped at McDonald's for playland time and lunch on the way home. Cy bought two Lego racer Happy Meal toys (did you know you can just buy the toys without the food?) to add to his Lego collection. I think he was pretty stoked after his big morning.

To top it all off, Cy and his buddy Will got to join Dad on the sideline for the Chieftains' season opener at the college stadium. Ally made her debut as football statistician with Mr. Kading, and Mark reported that Cy did a pretty good job as waterboy. And we won the game!
After a full day of driving, shopping, caving, fast food, and football, the Domestic Goddess in me made a big pot of chili for supper. Of course the children ate multi-grain tortilla chips and went to bed instead of eating the chili, but hey at least Coach got a nice warm bowl when he came home. (It's been rainy and cool here these days, not August-like at all.)

I look back on the past few days and am just so grateful for His care over it all. God blessed us in so many little ways--with a safe trip on rainy roads, arriving at our mulitiple destinations on time, having the free book offer going on at the exact time we were visiting Madison, and none of the players getting hurt on that wet football field. It is especially gratifying to see two of our children working alongside their father in an endeavor that benefits our whole community. (Some may think high school football is over-rated, but not when it is such a family function. It is truly a core part of who we are, and my husband works so hard to instill good values in his charges. Win or lose, the character that is built on that field is priceless. And the relationships we build with other families means a lot to me!)

I sought the LORD, and he heard me, and delivered me from all my fears.--Psalm 34:4


Blogger Astrid said...

Happy Belated Birthday Cy!

It sounds like you had an awesome birthday! We haven't been to Cave of the Mounds. I bet that camp was lots of fun!

August 31, 2009 at 5:30 AM  

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